Visa for taking up vocational training

Are you looking for apprentices for your company? It can be feasible to take a look abroad because people from non-EU countries also have access to the German training market.

If you have already made a binding commitment to a third-country national for a training place, he or she can enter the country with a visa for the purpose of vocational training and start his or her training in Germany immediately. The prerequisite is that the trainee has knowledge of the German language at level B1 of the CEFR. Proof of knowledge of German may be waived if you as the training company confirm that the trainee’s language skills are sufficient (§ 16a (1) and (3) of the German Residence Act – AufenthG).

Important: The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is obtained during the visa procedure. Both the examination of the labour market conditions and the so-called “Vorrangprüfung” (priority check) are carried out.

You can find out on “Make it in Germany” which requirements apply to the visa for taking up a vocational training.

TipYour new trainees should enter Germany as soon as possible and they need an entry visa? You can accelerate the visa procedure for a fee of 411 euros. Read more about the fast-track procedure for skilled workers.


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  1. Auszubildende aus dem Ausland – GEDE S-Jobs Agency

    […] Sie können auch die Nachwuchskräfte aus Nicht-EU-Staaten für sich gewinnen und ihnen eine berufliche Perspektive in Deutschland bieten. Kommen die Auszubildenden direkt aus dem Ausland, benötigen sie einen Aufenthaltstitel zur Aufnahme einer Berufsausbildung in Deutschland. Erfahren Sie mehr dazu in der Rubrik Visum zur Aufnahme einer Berufsausbildung. […]

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