Apprentices from abroad

You have a vacant training position but cannot find a suitable junior employee? The dual vocational training enjoys a high reputation abroad, so that young people from abroad – especially from EU countries – are also very interested in dual training in Germany. Find out how the recruitment of trainees from Europe works, for example, on the website of the Kompetenzzentrum Fachkräftesicherung (Centre of Excellence for Securing Qualified Professionals).

You can also recruit young professionals from non-EU countries and offer them career prospects in Germany. If the trainees come from abroad directily, they need a residence permit to start vocational training in Germany. Find out more about this in the section Visa for vocational training.

Tip: The “Passgenaue Besetzung” (Suitable occupation) programme supports small and medium-sized companies in filling vacant training places and integrating international trainees and professionals. You can find more information on the programme on the website


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